How bad do you want a 5-star review on Amazon?

How badly do you want a 5-star review on Amazon? Badly enough to pay for it?

A woman on Money Talks News writes: "My niche was book reviews. PR firms would hire me to post five-star reviews on high-profile sites like Amazon and Barnes & Noble in order to create a buzz. While they didn’t require me to write lies or tell me exactly what to write, if the review wasn’t five star, they didn’t pay the typical $10- 20 fee."

Read more here.

And the New York Times takes a longer look at fake reviews in general here.

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I must be a cynic, because I'm usually suspicious of 5 star reviews. Especially book reviews where there's only one review, posted the day of purchase, and it's 5 stars. Surely that's the author's mother. :P
I wish all it took were five-star reviews to create a buzz.

I'm always suspicious when I see something glowing when a lot of other folks have given two stars, and then you click through and the reviewer hasn't reviewed anything else.