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A totally sweet story about a reader, a writer, and a librarian

I loved this story in PW that begins:

““If there’s a mystery you can’t solve, I will,” pledged 11-year-old Sarah Salas in a recent letter to Mac Barnett, author of the Brixton Brothers mystery series from Simon & Schuster. A devoted reader of the series, whose launch title tells of a mystery-loving boy who inadvertently becomes involved with undercover agents who are also librarians, Sarah explained to Barnett that she is a “private undercover detective but I haven’t spread the word, plus I am a beginner.” Charmed by her letter, Barnett decided to take her up on her offer, and sent her a case to crack via her local librarian. Here’s how he dunnit.”

Read more here.

A special bonus is that this library is only a couple of miles from me.

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Tags: kids, librarians

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