Good news, bad news

Good news
I am going to be filmed for a TV show today!

You can see a sample show here.

Bad news
This is what my right arm looks like right now that we are doing a ton of sparring in kajukenbo. (And lately I'm often the only lady-person in class. And there's a new guy named Tyler who took Muey Thai and is just fierce.) (But I"m loving it, which is so not me you can't imagine. I was trying to tell this guy I've known since I was four and he couldn't believe I was talking about the same person who got straight As except for Cs in PE - AKA me.)

Good news
The interviewee sits with his or her left side to the camera. The bad arm is my right side.

Bad news
The left arm doesn't look that hot either. Teen was counting bruises on it yesterday.

Good news
I could wear long sleeves.

Bad news
After weeks of cool weather, it's suddenly super hot here. And the TV studio is nearly two hours away.

Good news
I'll give you a link later so you can see how abused and or sweaty (or both!) I looked

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This form of martial arts is not for the faint of heart.

I would say break a leg for your interview, but I think you've been injured enough.
If the old me was thrown into class now there is NO WAY I would do it. It's like that old frog in the pot of water being brought to a boil. It happened gradually.
Probably too late to help today, but for the future...

I had a similar issue where I was bruised up after doing two person exercises with someone with very hard arms, two days before I was supposed to do a presentation and signing for booksellers and librarians. And it was August, and very hot, and the worst bruises were right down by my wrists. I went to the make-up section of the local drug store to see what they could do for me, and ended up with this Cover FX foundation called Natural FX. It cost more than I'd usually spend on cosmetics, but it totally did the job--you can't see a single hint of a bruise in the photos from the event.

Hope the interview goes well!
Looks like a Sephora product? Anyway, I'll keep an eye out. I wore a very light blouse with long sleeves.
You can wear a short-sleeved shirt on the drive to the studio, then change when you get there. It'll probably be cool in the studio anyway. :)
It was not that cool, but I wore a tank top and a very thin over top (which I took off as soon it was over).
My kenpo instructor used to give us this stuff he called Jow for bruises and pain. You rub it on the bruise. Smelled kind of like soy sauce and dusty herbs. Worked pretty good.
Jow- I'll have to look for it!

My instructor calls me Kenpo Girl, mostly because I think my stances are not as low as some of the young things in class.