aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

Good news, bad news

Good news
I am going to be filmed for a TV show today!

You can see a sample show here.

Bad news
This is what my right arm looks like right now that we are doing a ton of sparring in kajukenbo. (And lately I'm often the only lady-person in class. And there's a new guy named Tyler who took Muey Thai and is just fierce.) (But I"m loving it, which is so not me you can't imagine. I was trying to tell this guy I've known since I was four and he couldn't believe I was talking about the same person who got straight As except for Cs in PE - AKA me.)

Good news
The interviewee sits with his or her left side to the camera. The bad arm is my right side.

Bad news
The left arm doesn't look that hot either. Teen was counting bruises on it yesterday.

Good news
I could wear long sleeves.

Bad news
After weeks of cool weather, it's suddenly super hot here. And the TV studio is nearly two hours away.

Good news
I'll give you a link later so you can see how abused and or sweaty (or both!) I looked

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