"The Myth of Self-Publishing"

An article called The Myth of Self Publishing says, “Despite the hype, the fundamental rules of publishing have not really changed very much. Now, as before, the greatest challenge facing a new writer is to find readers, not to finish and print a book. If anything, self-publishing has made the shelves, both virtual and physical, even more crowded. The obstacles to being noticed are even more forbidding, not less. In a world where anyone can upload a Word doc and call it a book, it’s more valuable than ever to have experts curate the works that are really worthy of a reader’s attention.”

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Yes, there was a moment when I was trying to change the initial letters to caps and my fingers slipped and I accidentally saved the post instead of typing in the letter S.

I wondered if anyone would see it - and now I know someone did.

I once had belly pain and ended up in urgent care. I brought home a booklet that seemed to be explaining my stomach and intestines were run by elves, which explained a lot!