Oh, April!!!!!! A million million congratulations! This is EXACTLY what that amazing story needs!!!!
I hope lots of teens buy it. I think you get more sales when you write for younger kids, but what I write is YA.
I want to read The 11th Plague - I really like that sort of fiction.

It seems like it will be months and months before my next book gets published. (April 2012)
That's how you know when you've REALLY made it! I loved the Scholastic catalog when I was a kid...except for the "so many books, so little allowance" conundrum.

I like your icon. I loved Squirt when I was a kid, and yesterday I saw that Teen had a bottle in her room. I didn't even know they still made that stuff.
I still remember getting those paper catalogs - and pouring through Teen's when she was Kid.
Scholastic! I remember ordering from those in the early '80s-- it was our source for the Book of Lists and Guinness Book of World Records. :)

Congrats! That has got to feel like a million shades of awesome.

By the way...I love your blog :)
It's so exciting. What a great way to reach more kids. And they are pricing the paperback at just five bucks.
I'm so curious as to how many will sell, and whether it will affect things like being nominated for state lists. And maybe more teens will buy it because of the "mature content."