Dueling premises

Similar premises, very similar subjects, and very similar titles. With pub dates a week apart. Awkward!

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Yes, your book is your baby nearly as much as your baby is your baby. Now each has to worry that the other will suck up all the available attention and space.
That's their kids' names, and we all know these things come in waves. My generation it's Nancy, Debbie (or variant) and Lisa.
What a nightmare! I wonder whether they'll be reviewed together, compared to each other, etc. Makes me think of David Lodge's essay "The Year of Henry James," about the year when his novel about James was eclipsed by Colm Toibin's novel on the same subject. Almost painfully honest.
The closest I've come is having someone use the same title a few years later for a different type of book. His did much better, but then again, he's Stephen King's son.