Danger, danger, danger!

A friend got the following email from Bookwhirl. (Try typing “Bookwhirl” into your browser. It will probably autocomplete with the word “scam.”)

Experience world-class book marketing and publicity campaigns from two of the toughest and the best in the publishing industry.

The BookWhirl Kirkus Book Review bundle includes a professional book review, Targeted E-mail Marketing Campaign, and a well-written press release.

Combined together, they form powerful, symbiotic marketing machinery that significantly increases the punch of any book-selling campaign.

Grab this opportunity to have your title reviewed by one of the most respected book review publications in the industry.
Browse at our affordable bundles below:
Package    Service    Specifics
Starter Package $2,449
Standard Review    8-10 weeks TAT
Approximately 250-350 words
E-mail Advertising Campaign    500,000 recipients
Media Release Campaign    100 recipients

Mega Package $3,349
Express Review    4-5 weeks TAT
Approximately 250-350 words
E-mail Advertising Campaign    1 million recipients
Media Release Campaign    500 recipients
Ultra Package $3,799

Express Review    4-5 weeks TAT
Approximately 250-350 words
E-mail Advertising Campaign    2 million recipients
Media Release Campaign    1,000 recipients

For more details about BookWhirl.com's Kirkus Book Review Bundle and other book marketing services, call 1-877-207-1679 toll free for a consultations with our Book Marketing Enthusiasts.

Okay, let’s count the red flags here
- “Browse at our affordable bundles” “for a consultations.” [Let’s hope those press releases are written by someone with a better command of English]
- “2 million recipients”? There’s another word for that. It’s called spam.
- $3,349 for a package? I guess if you pay that, you deserve what you get.

Just in case you are a self-pubbed author who is dying for a professional review, cut out the middleman and go straight to Kirkus. “Simply request a review by clicking the link above. You'll give us as much information possible about your book, choose whether you want standard service (7-9 weeks) or express service (3-4 weeks), and pay for your review (standard service $425, express service $575). When you submit your order, you'll get a response from the Kirkus Indie team confirming receipt of your request. (http://www.kirkusreviews.com/indie/about/)

So for thousands of dollars more, you can spam people.

Their prices have gone up in the last three years. Because it used to cost a little over $2,000 to send an email to 5 million folks.

Read my original post on Bookwhirl.

Edited to add: Kirkus tells me they are not affiliated with Bookwhirl.

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