Can you see a lie? Hear it?

Since I write mysteries and thrillers, I’m fascinated by lies.

There are different ways to trip up liars. One is by analyzing facial expressions.

Several facial cues suggest that someone is faking an expression, among them:
• The muscle contractions on the left side of the face differ from those on the right side.
The expressions start and stop in a jerky manner.
• The person holds the expression for too long.

Eye movements also provide information. Someone looking downward may be sad, while someone looking down or away is more likely feel- ing shame, guilt or disgust.

Read more here. (Scroll down for the most interesting part - it has lots of photos.)

And here’s more on seeing and even hearing lies here. In the story, the reporter was asked to pick a number between 50 and 100. Then a law enforcement consultant read the numbers very rapidly and was able to pick out which one she had chosen - even though she didn’t say a word.

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