aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

7 gets 86ed: the Judith Regan fall and the fallout continues

HarperCollins announced this afternoon that it will close the ReganMedia Los Angeles office. Harper/Morrow says they expect to publish most of the books acquired by fired publisher Judith Regan, but they will not publish 7: The Mickey Mantle Novel.

7, by Peter Golenbock, was described as "an inventive memoir" and drew heavy media criticism for Golenbock's technique of telling Mantle's story in the first person and filling the book with undocumented, controversial events and quotes - including a supposed affair with Marilyn Monroe, based on a single comment another ballplayer made to Golenbock.

Some have felt that 7 helped contribute to Regan's downfall as well as "If I Did It" the supposed recreation by OJ Simpson of his wife's murder.

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