Remembering 9-11

Teen was six on 9-11.

The next day she started cutting out little stick figures and laying them on the ground. She asked if she had enough to represent all the dead people.

I said no. Maybe that wasn't the right thing, I don't know. We were all in a daze.

She kept drawing and cutting.

It was never enough.

I still have an envelope filled with all the dead.

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Oh, wow....

My kids were 1 and 3 at the time. That summer, I had bought them Old Navy t-shirts with the flag and the year on them. I kept those shirts to remind myself (and them) how small they were when this huge event occurred.
I remember everyone dressing in flag colors and trying to scrounge up things with flags on them to display.


The stories I've heard of children's attempts to process this event are some of the strangest and most moving I have ever heard. If no one has collected these stories, an opportunity is being missed. They're shocking stories, and for adults with sensitive dispositions they may be appalling, but they're so full of bravery, honest questing, and humanity that they are truly valuable pieces of this story.

Thank you for sharing yours.