The Leftovers

Has anyone read The Leftovers yet? What did you think?

I am a real Tom Perotta fan (and did you know he used to ghost write for RL Stine’s Fear Street series), so I was excited to see that HBO has optioned it for a possible show.

Speaking as someone who had a nodding acquaintance with Charlaine Harris pre-True Blood, that kind of thing can be life-changing. Plus I bet it would make a really good show.

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I've never red Tom Parotta but have ALMOST bought or borrowed one of his books numerous times. I admit the review of this novel in particular especially caught my eye, but is it really the right one to start with?!
I really, really loved Little Children, but I wouldn't start with that one if you saw the movie. But if you haven't seen the movie, go for that one. At least it's not like a series, where you really shouldn't start in the middle of the output.
I just think books and movies are always different creatures. And I liked the book better than the movie.