Signs and Portents

This is what I found when I was out walking today. (It would have been a run, except I seem to have screwed up something - groin, IT band, quads - it's not happy.)

A feather with an orange quill. I think it might be from a flicker. I picked it in case Teen wanted to make it into an earring.

A dime. I always like finding money. It says In God We Trust on it. It's a reminder we'll be okay. I've been waiting for a big check for nearly a month now.

A Just Do It keychain fob, identical to the one I carry. It's getting harder and harder to find these, since the campaign was in 1988, 23 years ago. I have an alert for them on ebay, but they only come up a couple of times a year. I've lost a couple myself over the years, so maybe this one is just coming full circle. (The key with the pink circle was my father's house key. He died in 2003.)

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Very cool. I'm glad to know I'm not the only person who picks up random stuff when I'm walking down the street. Last week I found a penny sticking out of a dirt filled crack in my sister's old driveway in CA. It was from the year I was born. At the coast on my way down to CA I found this plastic coin that looked like a poker chip that said live, laugh, love (in latin). Sometimes I think these things supposed to be found.
That's how I feel, too! Like there are messages around us if we only have eyes to see them.
I like finding stuff. I think next time I walk I'll take my phone and take pictures of all the mysteries I'm trying to figure out.
Dad was a very quiet man. But rock solid.

I've been roiling around on a foam roller about the size of a bolster. It hurts! Supposedly that means you need it.