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Local author hit the big time

Local Portland author Daniel H. Wilson has done pretty well for himself. As the Oregonian reports: “Spielberg bought the rights to Wilson's first novel, Robopocalypse: A Novel before it was finished and announced that he would direct it himself next year. Spielberg had a nice chat with Wilson about their mutual love of all things robot and then had his screenwriter and production designers give Wilson their considerable expertise as the novel was being finished. The editor of "Robopocalypse" is Jason Kaufman, who acquired a book called "The Da Vinci Code" for Doubleday and knows a thing or two about commercial fiction. Kaufman thinks Wilson can be big -- Dan Brown big, Michael Crichton big -- and is doing all he can to make it happen.”

The more recent word is that DreamWorks and Fox are teaming up to co-finance the film.

And Robopocalypse was featured on the back of every name tag at BEA. And two more of his books (non-fiction) have been optioned for film.

Read more here from the Oregonian.

Doubleday had a contest for the book trailer, with a prize of just $750. Seems like a pretty good deal to get a nice book trailer for not that much money. Plus it helps build buzz. A clever idea, at least until everyone starts doing it.

This was the winner:

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