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Novels about Novelists

I just finished reading Domestic Violets: A Novel (P.S.). Several of my friends loved this book, and I did, too. For one thing, as much as I love YAs, it's nice to read about a couple who are adults and have adult issues, like jobs (and sometimes meaningless jobs), corporate BS, raising children, and trying to keep a long-term relationship alive.

And it's just flat out funny. When his famous father, Curt Violet, manipulates Tom into going into his place to sneak some belongings out while avoiding Curt's estranged wife, Tom is surprised by her.

I scream, literally scream, like a woman, dropping the bag on the floor, stumbling, and nearly upending myself. My stepmother is standing in the doorway, laughing, and I'm clutching my chest. Apparently when startled, I become a Southern woman from the 1950s.

Matthew Norman also captures like what it's like to read your own writing, how one day it seems awful beyond fixing, and other days the same passage is amazing.

I love books about characters who are writers, especially if they are funny, like How I Became a Famous Novelist.
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