The Atlantic gets it mostly right

The Atlantic looks at the ever-popular topic of celbs who write books, in this case children’s books. Most are just trying to extend their brand (usually with the help of a ghostwriter), and a few can really write. One sentence made me wince, though, This fall, supermodel Tyra Banks and The Decemberists' lead singer Colin Meloy also have books for young readers coming out.

Meloy really wrote Wildwood: The Wildwood Chronicles, Book I and it’s really good.

As for Modelland, this tidbit might give you some idea of the quality:

A blinding neon- yellow flash filled the sky. The clouds vanished. The sun disappeared. Someone screamed. Everyone shaded their eyes or ducked their heads. Even the walkers paused for a moment and squinted upward. Another whoosh boomed through the air. "The Scouts!" a voice bellowed. "They're here!"

Scouts? Where? Tookie stood on her tiptoes, her heart beating like mad. People stepped back from a nearby lamppost that had started to vibrate, staring at it with a mix of wonder and terror. The lamppost began to lengthen, like a long telescoping pole. Snap! It broke apart and reassembled as a slender, mysterious looking woman in a black metallic jumpsuit. Her head glowed as if it contained a lightbulb.

"A Scout!" Tookie whispered. She'd never seen one in person before.

The Scout's head began to blink, as if warning people that something amazing was about to happen. Then the woman marched to a thin girl with cheekbones so sharp they could slice a melon in half, and tapped her arm. The girl clutched her chest in disbelief. The Scout took her hand, and the bright light of her cranium flashed like lightning. And then . . . poof ! They were gone, and the lamppost was back where it had always been. "Oh, my baby!" the girl's mother cried, running up to the lamppost, hugging it tightly and covering it with kisses. "My baby, my baby, my baby! First- draft pick!"

See for yourself here.

Read more about celeb's books here.

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Bahahaha! I'll pass on the "read more here" link thank you. Those cheek bones sound like secret weapons. If it was titled NinjaLand, I might keep reading.
Oh God! The bad! It hurts! Aaaaaaaaggggggghhhhh! (I had to give up in the second paragraph. "Nothing more to see here, folks, move on." Ow.)
Oh, I clicked the link. Frowny.


I guess one positive thing we can say here is at least she didn't hire a ghostwriter?