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Who is a publisher? When is it a long article and when is it a book?

Who is a publisher? When is it a long article and when is it a book?

When a scandal breaks or a news story goes white hot, newspapers and magazines are increasingly rushing e-books into print.

The New York Times says, "Part of the appeal is cost. Instead of paying writers hefty advances and then sending them out on the road to report for months at a time, publishers can rely on reporters who are already doing the work as part of their day job. Politico, for example, has assigned Mike Allen, its chief White House correspondent, to write and report with Evan Thomas, a noted political writer. The e-book will be the combination of their efforts."


"Some publishers are trying a different approach — one that requires even fewer reporting and writing resources. Vanity Fair and The New Yorker, for example, have created their own e-books by bundling together previously published works surrounding a major news event."

Read more here.

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