Pet Peeves

I'm reading a book right now (one I have to read, for reasons that I won't go into) and one character is named Dayna So-and-So. And referred to by her first name. And another is named So-andSo Dayne. And referred to by last name.

For some reason, even though we know better, authors make this kind of mistake all the time. In Domestic Violets, which I loved, the wife is named Anna, the stepmother Ashley, and the daughter Allie. Which all kind of run together.

The less forgivable mistake in the book I'm reading now is that pigeons are seen feasting on a dead body. Pigeons? Crows I would believe, but pigeons is just laughable. And yet there they are on about page 200, tearing at some poor fictional guy's entrails.

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And Scrivener can generate names, which helps me get out of ruts I don't even know I'm in.
I recently read a book where a character remarked that the phrase "as the crow flies" is ridiculous, since crows hop around in little fits and starts. But I'm a birder as well as a writer, and actually crows have just about the most business-like flight I've ever seen. Sure, they might hop around on the ground when they're eating, but when they're flying further than ten feet, they fly in a straight line, with heavy wing flaps and no nonsense.

And then there was the epic fantasy I read once where the main character felt adrenaline jolt through his veins.

That sort of thing throws me out of a story SO fast as a reader.
I'm sure we are always wrong about some things, but there are days I'm not very forgiving...