Happy birthday, Girl Stolen

It's been a year since Girl, Stolen came out.

Right now, even before it's out in paperback, it's up for state awards in Maryland, Nebraska, New Hampshire, and MIssouri. It's on the YALSA lists for Quick Picks and Best Fiction for Young Adults. It's in Scholastic Book Clubs. And it gotten the best reviews of the 11 books I've had published to date:

“Girl, Stolen grabs your attention with the first page you read. . . . Each page holds new questions that are answered in the most unexpected ways.” —VOYA, starred review

“Constantly interesting and suspenseful.” —Kirkus Reviews

“A captivating tale . . . Well-built, complex characters, trapped in their own ways by life’s circumstances, which—paired with a relentlessly fast pace—ensures a tense read.” —Publishers Weekly

Look for a shiny new cover next March when the paperback comes out.

This book almost didn't see the light of day. My old editor didn't like it and said he might buy it if it were completely rewritten from Griffin's point-of-view. So don't let one rejection (even if it's from someone important) make you decide your book isn't any good.

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One editor's 'Not for me' is a ripping yarn to another reader. Congratulations :)
Congratulations on all the successes. BOTH covers are eye-catching and amazing. :)
I have got to get through my to-read list stack faster! It's been a year already?? Wow! Congrats to you!! Love the new cover as much as the original.

Once my debut hoopla is over, I think I'm taking 2 months off to read! And sleep.
Whenever I have free time, I think I'll do a ton of reading, but somehow the TBR pile gets taller and taller.
Yeah, it's the rare YA that has third, but that one just seemed right. Next is three first persons, and then one first person, and now I think again one first person.

Almost all my adult books have been third person.
That's interesting they're waiting a year and a half to release the paperback. Most books it's at the year mark, isn't it? Must mean it's still selling fairly well in hardcover.

Congratulations on all of the great things that have happened with that book!!
I think it's more that the hardcover got pushed back and they like to do the paperback a month before.

But I sure hope it's still selling well in hardcover.
I wish I could time travel back to the old me when she heard news about that editor, and tell her it would all work out okay.
Big congratulations -- what a milestone! Also, terrific advice about rejections and persistence.
Congrats! And also...you responded to a kid's GoodReads post this week, just with a quick note. She is one of my 7th graders, and you absolutely made her whole week. Thank you!
How funny! I've been looking at Good Reads and if they leave a review (and they liked it), I'll comment.

I wish the Internet had been around when I was a kid.