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So in addition to Bookscan sales (available to authors on Amazon's Author Central) taking a dramatic dive in the most recent week, did your sales for the few weeks before that take a dramatic leap up?

Because that's what one author reports here: And it all seemed to be due to Borders going out of business and getting rid of its stock.

When I look at some books, sales are steady, except for this last reported period. For a couple of others, sales did seem higher earlier in September. I'm just curious if anyone has also seen an upward surge.

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A number of weeks ago, my numbers went way, way up for several weeks. In the last two weeks, a huge, depressing drop off. I've been attributing much of it to Borders going out of business.
I really wonder how much bookscan actually captures. They say something like 75% but two books I've been able to compare royalty statements to Bookscan, Bookscan has only captured about 30%. And yeah, I know one is counting shipped and the other actual register sales, but it still seems like a big difference.
It's kind of ridiculous. My Bookscan numbers are similar to yours--only capturing about a third of what's on my royalty statements. And this is what publishing houses use to determine print runs etc!
If its inhouse, it seems like they could adjust for that. But if you want to go to another house and your Bookscan numbers look sucky, even though they were good in real life...
Yep - huge jumps from 2-5 weeks ago, plummets more recently. All the authors I've spoken to have credited/blamed Borders.
Even though Author Central supposedly only gives you access to your three top-selling books, I can see four over time as different books move into the top three. So of four books, two have had steadyish sales and two experienced that jump-crash.
I think we have access to all of our books on Author Central, don't we? I do. Oh, maybe you are talking about what the graphs show?

If you go up to the top left-hand side of the page, it says "All books." Click on the arrow, and all of your books will come up. Then click on whichever book you are interested in, and it will show you how many of that title sold, and you can see 4 weeks of sales, or click on 8 weeks, and you can see 8 weeks of history. (You have to have told Amazon you want each of your various books tracked, though).

I *think* the difference is that if you had a book that Borders had continued to stock or stocked and B&N had stopped or never carried it at all, the jumps both up and down are going to be significant. That's what the article said that you posted, and that was my experience with The Day Before. For a book that wasn't carried by Borders, or had sold out and they hadn't restocked, or maybe even is spread out really well across lots of bookstores, the difference won't be as noticeable, I don't think. I have one book like that.

If you are curious which titles B&N is still carrying of yours, go to their site, enter the title, get on its page, and click "pick up in store." Here enter 10001, NYC zip code, and see how many stores are showing as "In stock." I was feeling frustrated that It's Raining Cupcakes was out at a lot of stores. It had sold well, why weren't they reordering it? Well, it must have been in the process of being reprinted, because now, it's showing in stock again everywhere.

And obviously, I know WAY too much about all of this. :)
Wow, I did not know that about Amazon! More data, for better or worse.

When I tried that BN thing with 10001, it just said it was an error and a false parameter.
Hmmm... I don't know. I just looked up Girl Stolen and it's not showing in any stores with that zip code. Heart of Ice is showing as in stock in some stores and out of stock in others.
Wait a minute. I take that back about Amazon. If I click on an older title, like Shock Point, I can't get any sales info for that book. I can see sales data for three books (in a composite graph that I can hover over) and then "All other books." And underneath the graph, in Amazon's Bestsellers Rank History, I can see three books, but they are nearly the same as the ones in the composite graph.
I don't know. I have 8 books I can look at and see the data for each book individually.

At the top menu (Home, Books, Profile, Sales Info), click on "Books." This is where you check which books they are tracking for you. Maybe they aren't tracking all of them. You can add books and tell them which books you want to see.
Wait I figured it out. It's not the most intuitive thing I've ever seen. I wish I had figured this out months ago!
No, sorry to say.

I'm going by the book scan info available from Amazon to authors. Not the actual book scan people can pay to have access to. Don't know if these are different.
Supposedly you could buy info for a single title, but when I queried about it like a year ago, they never answered. My understanding is that it's the same numbers as the one you can buy, although I think the one authors can see lags a bit and the purchased one is more real time. I think.

This is like Amazon. I used to stare at my numbers and wonder what they meant and what I could do to make them higher, as if the very act of staring could make them improve.

The one good thing about this is it is across the board. Nearly every author reports numbers crashing for the last period available.
Yup. For my book that was carried by Border's, there was a huge increase in last couple weeks of Aug. and the first week of September.

I think it's b/c Border's was heavily discounting their books in those weeks.

It's still really weird to think Borders is gone. That leaves our state capitol basically with no bookstore. The last independent with any kind of selection gave up about two years ago.
I saw a major upward surge in GIVE UP THE GHOST's pb sales starting in late July, staying abnormally high through August, and tapering off sharply over the last three weeks. I didn't think Borders was carrying the book--they didn't the HC, as far as I know--but given the timing I can't imagine what else it could have been.
It's all so much out of our control, isn't it? Even having knowledge doesn't actually help us make the books sell any better.
Just thought I would say that my thirteen year old niece checked out 'Shock Point' from the local library the other day and couldn't put it down. Which is saying something, as she isn't a HUGE reader. She wanted me to write a message to you and say that she loved it and can't wait to get another one of your books.
Why thank you! My books are definitely good for reluctant readers - not too long and lots of page-turning twists. I wish I could find a book that could grab my 16 yo. She has so much reading to do for school that she seems to have lost interest in reading for pleasure.