aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

Let there be light! (or at least a cover for the light)

I run four days a week, and I'm always on the lookout for interesting things. For a while, I've noticed something lying along a busy road.

And the more I ran, the more I thought about it.

It looked kind of familiar.

In fact, it looked like the grille cover to a Subaru fog light. My own grille cover on the left hand side has been missing for about four years. I'm not sure they really do much to protect the light, and a new one costs like $25, so I've never bothered to replace it.

And now I don't have to.

Because when I picked it up and carried it home, it fit.

It seems nearly as miraculous as when, a couple of weeks ago, I found a Just Do It keychain left from a 1988 campaign - a keychain that is identical to the one I carry.

(Maybe a little less miraculous if you realized that Portland is pretty much Subaru country.)

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