Adult authors who are turning to YA

The USA Today looked at authors who write for adults who have turned to writing YA: Jodi Picoult with her teenage daughter (I keep seeing this type of partnership), Harlan Coben, Richard Paul Evans, Kathy Reichs, John Grisham, Candace Bushnell and James Patterson.

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Authors might be jumping into YA because it’s so hot, but my reason for becoming a YA writer might not sound any better: on accident. I wrote a book that was interesting to me, featuring a 16 year old, and my agent said she thought it would sell well as a YA. I still write for both age groups, and the writing is the same - but everything around it, from audience to promotion, is often quite different.

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"Asked if she is "genre-poaching," Gregory says that "the important thing — surely — is that young-adult readers should get the very best writing that might be available to them so that they extend their reading into adult life.""

Did she not think the YA shelf was doing just fine providing "the very best writing" without her?
A lot of teens read Picoult anyway.

I originally wrote my first novel for an adult audience, but was encouraged (by Andrea Brown at a writers conference) to turn into a YA because the MC was a teen. One of the reasons it took me 8 years to complete. :)
I've read the James Patterson books, Witch & Wizard and The Gift - and they're pretty decent. I've never read his 'for adult' stuff. But, the reason I picked those books up is because I thought it interesting a best selling adult author delved into YA. I tend to prefer YA and Sci-Fi related books.