Girl, Stolen chosen for “One Book, One Community”

One Book, One Community is a community-wide reading program developed by the American Library Association and adopted by cities across America. Each year Olney, Illinois choses a book for adults to read alongside students.

And in 2012 it will be Girl, Stolen!

I am so excited. The only times I’ve been to Illinois have been changing planes in O’Hare, which usually seems to involve running madly from one terminal to another. Hundreds of copies of the book will be distributed to adults as well as students at Richland Middle School. The theme of the program this year is "One Theme, One Community. Overcoming Adversity."

And in a very strange twist of fate, my great-grandparents, Fred Meeker and Myrl Chapman, were married in 1904 a few miles from Olney.

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I have to admit I'm kind of nervous about driving there from St. Louis by myself. I've been a grown up for years and years now - why does driving scare me? Oh, that's right - because I have NO sense of direction.
Some part of me hopes my old editor - the one who turned it down - knows about how well it's done.
It was a very exciting email. March is a long ways away in some ways - but a short ways a way when I think about a March 1 deadline I have.
It's a big thrill. I come from a small town myself, so it will be like coming full circle.
I am looking forward to everything except the 2.5 hour drive from St. Louis. You know how you are about computers? That's how I am about directions.