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Contest for unpubbed mystery and thriller writers

Murder in the Grove conference is sponsoring a contest along with the Popular Fiction Association of Idaho. Every entrant receive detailed information on how your work was judged. And the judges are agents and editors. I think that's worth the $35 fee. The deadline is March 31. Click here for more information.

Full disclosure: The only time I've been in Boise (where Murder in the Grove is held) in recent memory was when I was on tour for Learning to Fly. I stayed at a Best Western next to the airport. It seemed like a safe choice. While I was waiting to see if there was a room available, because it was only 11 in the morning, a housekeeper bustled in. "You'll never believe who's in Room 119!" she said to the counter girl. "The voo doo guy! I thought we banned him!" I was enthralled. Then the aircondioner I was sitting next to kicked in, and all I could make out were the words "blood" and "carpet."

Luckily my room was a long way from Room 119.

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