The saga of an unpublished picture book that editors love

Marc Tyler Nobleman is the author of” more than 70 books including "Boys of Steel: The Creators of Superman," which received multiple starred reviews and made the front page of "USA Today."”

He’s had a picture book called 30 Minutes Over Oregon making the rounds of editors and getting the best rejections you can imagine (and yes, there are good rejections). The book is about a little known incident in WWII. I was familiar with it, but then again, I’m a native Oregonian. (Hm, I wonder if a more exciting title would help? I mean, I wouldn’t read a book called 30 Minutes Over Iowa or 30 Minutes Over [Name of State Here] because that doesn’t grab me.)

You can read more about the book and efforts to get it published here.

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Alaska wasnt a state during WW2, otherwise they could be holding the record for most attacks. Oregon is still a very unique place with an incredible history.
Thanks for the mention, April! My title is a takeoff on the classic war movie "Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo."
Maybe I am too young for the reference (and maybe the editors and/or librarians/parents are too) (although I am sadly not that young)
I wonder if a new title could help, too. I for sure would not read "30 Minutes Over Iowa," and I'm from there. :)
He says it's to echo a movie, but the title is not familiar enough for me to even make the connection.

I'm sure Oregon is a very green state from the air - all those trees. I imagine Iowa would be yellow?
The book title stands on its own; I don't expect even a handful of kids that age to get the reference. But it's a wink at any teachers/librarians/parents who do.