Would you be so brave? realistic?

My mom lives near a marvelous old cemetery, filled with listing tombstones, some of them shaped like trees or barns or benches. When I was growing up, we would picnic, sled and sometimes even neck there. (I don't think kids neck any more. That was more my mom's word, anyway.)

Her friend Ralph has volunteered there for 20 years. He's bought his own plot, so he's prepared. He must pass his final resting place every day.

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It's one thing to buy a plot or make future funeral arrangements. That's sensible and considerate for your relatives (and brave. We planned ahead for M's mother while she was still healthy but old--and it's *very hard* to do this.)

But that, and to look at it regularly? It's kinda creepy.
I have a feeling when you are 90 and have seen nearly all of your friends die, it might just seem realistic. He loves it there.