I thought I wrote in English

But I guess it’s not quite right for the English market. I got some fun queries from Walker UK today for the UK edition of Girl, Stolen coming out there in February. Some of the words that will change:

Cell phone = mobile
HMOs = heath care
Vest = waistcoat (a vest is an undershirt
Diaper = Nappy
Adult diaper = incontinence pad
Rubbing alcohol = witch hazel
Advil = Anadin
Band-Aids = plasters
In spades = bucket loads
Pay dirt = jackpot

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I didn't think they were the same - but you're right, it doesn't matter. And if they don't have rubbing alcohol, it might sound awfully weird.
Hey, I'm from the UK and they sound about right. I've definitely never heard of rubbimg alcohol so it's probably a good suggestion. What do you do with it? As far as I know, we have witch hazel sticks for spots and acne?

Glad to hear your book is being released here! x
You can use it for disinfectant. Judging by its name, you could use it somehow for massage, but no idea what.

I'll have to go check what my character was using it for. Not acne.