there's about a dozen more types I'm sure... like

11. you've written a whole lot of pages you think might actually mostly be good, but now the words are never the right words, not good enough, no matter what words you use and you are addicted to the delete button... you need a delete button intervention

12. oh but blogging and commenting on other's blogs and FB and so on can give you such immediate keyboard gratification... wow, always there just waiting for your quick wit and whatnot... you can always Go There, you know, to reward yourself for writing that great sentence or paragraph or maybe if you are still stuck, what the hey, you need a break... and then suddenly another day is Lost In internetz Space

13. and because you have been struggling with your writers block for so long now, neglecting everything else, making yourself sit there until you get something substantial done, which you of course don't, indeed partly because everything else in your life has gone to hell... you think... so you can make To Do lists forever and at some point you think you just might be able to write well again if you got some of those things on your mile-long To Do list done, so you start to do all those things and once you get started you find other things and your writing isn't going anywhere anyway and so... vicious circle


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I think it's better to write crap than to write nothing. You can get paralyzed by trying to write worthy or good stuff.