Could you spot a psychopath by the way he or she talks?

Researchers found that psychopaths:
- Use the past tense more.
- Have more “dysfluencies” — the "uhs" and "ums."
- Show a lack of emotion.
- Speak in terms of cause-and-effect.
- Focus on basic needs, such as food, drink and money.

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I’ve known two psychopaths. Possibly a third. None of them killers (at least not of physical bodies).

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I know! I read that article and I've been "interviewing"my coworkers for three days now. So far it's a 50/50 chance that half of them are psychopaths.

Then there are my patients...
My maybe was a coworker. He was expert at finding ways to torment you. He lied all the freaking time. He bullied people. He boasted. He loved to talk about himself.
This guy was good at finding your weak spots, so you would feel bad about yourself or doubt yourself.

He has spent his whole life suing people. When he finally got fired, he sued, and I think he got a settlement.

At least he didn't sue ME.