Sad scene in Cinque Terra, Italy

If you've ever followed Rick Steves, you know he goes on and on about Cinque Terra, Italy. If you go to these five linked villages on the Italian Coast, you'll see tons of tourists clutching books written by Rick Steves.

You'll also have a magical time.

We went there in 2007, when Teen was Kid.

Today I learned that they were hit by a horrible flood that left debris up to the second floor, washed cars out to sea, and filled the train tunnel.

I hope they are able to restore it to its beauty.

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OH NO! I was just there in Sept!!! My fave place on the whole trip! Wow. Sending good thoughts to Italy!
If you go to his web site I think they will be spearheading some efforts to help. That video looks like it was shot near The Pirates Bar - we loved that place.