Why sit when you can stand

Every few weeks I read a study, like this one, that basically says that sitting at your job leads to premature death and disease.

So I got this stand up rolling desk. I use it every day. It's not perfect, because my laptop is below eye level, but I think it's still better for me. And it was cheap and I could push it back into a hiding place when I'm done with it.

And it's worked out better than FitDesk Fitness Space Saving Semi Recumbent X Bike for Laptops, which, sadly was not easy to write on at all.

In a perfect world, I would have a treadmill desk. But we live in a teeny tiny house and there really isn't any place I could put one. Plus I was kind of bummed when I figured out you needed a way to mount your screen at eye level.

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We do have a sitdown desk my husband uses, but even if we replaced it the office is small - I wish I could figure out a way to make it work!
I've used a standing height desk for over fifteen years...maybe longer. I have degenerative disc disease and just cannot sit. Victorian clerks ONLY stood all day long....