aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

How one woman found success through doing it herself

I’ve known CJ Lyons for a couple of years online. And at the 2010 Writers Police Academy I got to meet her in person. One night we had a not-so-good dinner and a great conversation. At the time, CJ was about six months away from publishing a book she had written with Erin Brockovich. Given Brockovich’s high profile, she hoped that book would hit the bestseller list.

It didn’t.

But not long afterward, something funny happened. CJ, who had published several books traditionally, hit the big time by publishing books herself.

You can read her account of how it happened here.

I’ve put all of my out of print books back up as ebooks, although I haven’t had near the success CJ has. Here are links to all my ebooks: April's ebooks

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Tags: bestseller list, self-publishing, success
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